maandag 27 februari 2012

my first entry~!

my first entry =D i am still getting the hang of things now but it seems like fun to have a blog =P I also jumped on the bandwagon. Anyways I always spam everyone on facebook with my kitsuke that isn't fit for the IG forums imo... and mayby not everyone is interested in that on FB ^^;; now this will be my dump place for sloppy but also pretty kitsuke ^^ and ofcource some tryouts i do from time to time =D I will post my own creations as well, so please look forward to it all >u<!

now some pictures i didn't share on Immortal geisha before (in no particular order)

 my so called valentines kitsuke x'D it is soooo late and sloppy at that. It's sloppy because i didn't use a juban, since in truth this is
just some try out x'D i wanted to see if the kimono fit me length whise =D and luckily it does. Not as low as it should be but still acceptable =D!

here i tried out my kimono poncho that i purchased from one of my
dear friends Jukiko. She made this by hand and  it just looks lovely <3
and it is so soft ;A;! I also put it on a normal jeans <3 it looks good on that too but it should be a different coloured jeans the next time ^^''

 back then, this was my original plan to wear to the Kimono de Jack anniversary in the UK. I changed this whool kimono into a silk/rayon iromuji  since i thought it was more appropriate for the occasion. We went to a small tea ceremony so i changed the kimono, and eventually also my obi for my silver fukuro obi ^^ actually... my whole outfit was changed ^^;; the only thing i kept were the assesoiries (bag, flower in my hair, and obiage/jime set) even the shoes i changed to zori (since the day before i hurt them allot with those same shoes... didn't feel like hurting it even more)
 i don't own this furisode anymore and this is my only photo of me wearing it. Now a friend of mine bought it from me so i will probably see it again sometime ^^ I wore this set with a dutch festivity called sinterklaas. It is quite close to the santa claus with christmas =D

this is a kimono i got as a present in the christmas swap in 2010/2011. I really wish it looked good on me but it makes me look SO old it isn't even funny. And i haven't found anything yet to youthenize it >: Though the kimono is perfect fit, so i'll take it apart and use it as a pattern for upcoming kimono projects =D!

anyways i think for a first entry this should be enough =D I will keep you updated with my photo's and outings >u<! i will probably put some photo's of possible ensembles for the sakura event end march =D and also a few obi idea's i am working on >u< so please check it out soon again =D!

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  1. Hi, greeting from Indonesia. I think you have a nice blog. Your kitsuke ensembles were also fresh, young and cute. I love your coordination. Please keep up your hard work in continuing the blog. I want to see your ensemble during 2013 and hopefully later years ;).

    Your valentine ensemble was really cute! Your blue ensemble was also really nice ^w^.