dinsdag 28 februari 2012

reaaally late sejin shiki photoshoot!

 So today I met with Charrissa again and we did a long wanted photoshoot in our beloved furisodes! I had been pondering about which kimono to wear: my green or my white with blue flowers furisode? i went with the last eventually >u<! And I also decided this will be my sakura matsuri outfit ^^b!! With my birthday I had put on this furisode and didn't really like how the combo looked on me. So this time I changed the whole outfit in something more modern =D! This time I went with my odori obi. I found it a bit 'to much' so to say, so I remembered my, and Charissa's outing to Amsterdam a while back. Charissa used a lace 'cover' over her obi =D so that is what I did too this time around with a nice see through black shawl >u<! It really is becoming one of my favorite 'kimono' items... ofcource it is really just a shawl but i use it in so many ways!! I never would have realised i´d use this item so much in kimono ^^ I still remember thinking "when can i finally use it with kimono ;A;" but now i can't ever miss it again >u<! ANYWAY back to the topic. Then i paired my turquoise blue assesoiries with it, with as result using blue and black han/date eri =B  Charissa's outfit is her gorgeous green furisode, which she paired with her DIFFICULT TO TIE maru obi x'D! seriously that thing is horrible >: but it looks so pretty ;u; We went downstairs when finally done and my mom made a few pics before we headed out to make a few pictures in the parc. But it was a bit to cold still so we went back to my house really quickly ;u;anyways on to the pics... i ramble way to much sorry for that =P!


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  1. That's really striking ensemble. Furisode with odori obi is great! Your slanting stripe odori complemented the white-blue furisode.