zaterdag 3 maart 2012

tryout 'fake' shigoki obi

hello everyone =)
 yesterday I was doing some sloppy kitsuke again, just because i felt like trying my easy collar and some other stuff ^^

the outcome was something interesting =D! i always wanted to try shigoki obi for to short kimono. Though the problem is I don't have one, and all the ones i've seen on internet are always red. And also a problem is my big hips haha =) so I thought what would be the result if i tie two obiage together? so i tried it out and it gave a perfect length! so i made a picture of my tryout >u<! I think it looks really awsome if i may say so myself =P!! and why i never thought of this before is a riddle to me haha >u<!! I also tied the obi in a cross, like they did in taisho period ^^

i also made tabi this week >u<!! i got this fabric with a trade on the immortal geisha forums <3 and since then i wanted to make tabi out of them <3 i made one with the mashine before but i screwed up badly D=.... So this time around i tried hand stitching. I found out that i am much more in control when hand stitching so for tabi that works much better >u<! this picture is the resul of my hand stitched tabi =D! it is much more work though haha >u<'' though next time i need to make the pattern a bit bigger, since these are a bit small. Thankfully i used stretching fabric for the lining and sole.  I can't wait to wear them with an ensemble >u<!!

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